Saturday, 26 March 2011

One year since the end of the field.

Pretty much the first short bmx vid I made, back in 2005 with my canon xm2 so expect some shaky cam. Put it up in rememberence of the field, our trails for 6 years, R.I.P. March 2010. Have a bunch of unseen footage from this place, planning on making a short vid in summer.

Remembering the field. from Tom C on Vimeo.

Thanks to Craig Tull for the following pic...

Was back in pennsylvania last october for a bit, here is a select few of the pics...Goodtimes...

If only the walls could speak...They do the attic is haunted, I kid you not...

Edgar and Pete's house before..
Edagar and Pets's house 3.8 weeks later..

A bit of  a blur due to too much of the chosen beer.


Friday, 11 March 2011

This should have been posted two months ago but me internet blew up...Oh weeellll.
On the way from Tom C on Vimeo.
Update By Camby