Sunday, 25 July 2010

Rock n roll!

Rare turnout by the germ.

I'd be on the phone all the time too if i looked this good doing it.

Huge epic video project finished featuring the music vegor has been working on with his casio for 6 painstaking months. Rock and roll dude. Huge bangers the lot! Forget nass videos.

In other words, sorry vegor this is all i could be bothered to make, 10 minute lazy jobby.

Untitled from Tom C on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Gang of four minus two

Went to drive up the field and found a mud barrier and 6ft deep gully stopping me from driving any further so had to take the hike, not only was the old spot gone but it had grown over so fast it looked like a regular field again....not a hint of trails at all. I did have pics of what the old location looks like but my computer is a shitter at the moment.

The roll in was usable about a week ago now, we discovered that we went a bit overboard with it because you have to brake down it and chill or ytou will over clear the first set which aint small, I predict using the full force of the roll in you could see a 25ft plus first set without too much effort.


He made a table at the top of the roll in, which is as bent as he is.....

But not as bent as my knees in this pic....the sessions have been going damn well we are so over the moon on the way the trails are working out.

Vegors so over the moon he said he is almost over being vegen!!!

Come down for a ride.

Update by camby.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

well back in PA, with the boys, trails are insane its 37.5 degrees C and my ball bag smells like a tramps underpants. so many sick men and so many good times already- check out and buy shirts, and support the founders and the legends that keep all you other pussies wondering whats comin next. till next time- peteee,

ps..robbo and camby i miss you fuckers <3